Top Ten PR Pro Blogs to Read First Thing in the A.M.


::sings:: These are a few of my favorite things…

These PR blogs really get me going in the morning–thank goodness for Google Reader. I start off with a cup of coffee (or three) and start with (1) Dave Fleet because if you are going to really jump in the game, you want to start with one of the best. is about communications, public relations, marketing and social media, and the areas where those topics intersect. So after reading his blog, I feel energized about my work and yes, the caffeine is starting to kick in.

Then I’m off to check out what is going on in HARO land. I have a strong affection for (2) Peter Shankman after meeting him at New York Entrepreneur week and having him pump me up on following my aspirations and just.doing.the.damn.thang. I also credit HARO for my first big media placement for a client and another big one for myself. So thank you Mr. Shankman.

How can I keep writing this post without (3) PR In Your Pajamas That would be illegal in all fifty states AND Guam. PR In Your Pajamas helps entrepreneurs with their publicity efforts and the posts are and gives it to you straight up. Elena Verlee is amazing and has the gift for publicity.

I am officially buzzing and I power through (4) Brian Solis at PR 2.0, (5) PR Maven Sarah Evans, (6) Danny Brown.

(7) PR Couture was my go-to blog when I started Aliah Public Relations and my first client was an emerging fashion brand. Imagine a doe in headlights needing some encouragement and advice and finding in Crosby Norick’s PR Couture Blog. If you are in fashion PR or want to be, PR Couture features great posts on finding your niche, fashion PR news, and testimonials from those that struck out on their own and found success.

Did you just give me the wrap it up sign? Ok, ok here are my last three. Please feel free to add to this list!

(8) Andrew Worob’s PR Sunrise. Awesome guy, awesome blog, and did I mention the tagline is waking up to his musings? Yes!
(9) Pr Tini by Heather Whaling. She serves it straight up and doesn’t give you a choice if you want the olive or not.
(10) PR DIVA Blog. You didn’t think I would leave my own blog off the list. Wake up to PR without the attitude!

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