PR Links du Jour – Thursday Edition


Take five minutes (ok, more than five minutes) of your day to explore these PR Links Du Jour! Trust me it’ll be a well-spent five minutes!

Email overwhelming you? Does your inbox never seem to just empty itself (oh, in a perfect world!) Check out Dave Fleet’s post 5 Tips for Managing the Email Deluge.

Sales conferences can be chock full of PR opportunities. Todd Defren over at PR-Squared gives us Catherine Allen’s guest post on 5 Reasons to Bring Your  PR Rep to the Sales Conference.

So much talk about Quora…but can it really build your brand? EReleases tells us more about Quora and how it can build your brand. A must read for those wondering whether or not Quora is worth their time.

Mashable always brings the noise in their articles so don’t sleep on David Spark’s how-to 10 Really Good Tips For Becoming An Influencer.

Are you a modern communicator? Check out a grid of skill requirements that can help young pros as well as seasoned pros assess their skillset.

PR–It’s a Woman’s World! Heather Yaxley of PR Conversations initiates a discussion of women in public relations. “The choice is ours…”

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