PR Pros: Weigh In on Checking Quotes




The November issue of PRWeek’s Gloves Off, posed the question:

Should PR pros demand the right to check quotes before publication?

PR Week’s view: It’s understandable that PR pros worry about the images of their clients. However, journalists and bloggers are under no obligation to let them see quotes before a story is published. On the record means on the record.

What do you think? Should PR pros ask to review quotes prior to publication or should PR pros plan accordingly to reduce the likelihood of being misquoted? 

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One comment on “PR Pros: Weigh In on Checking Quotes
  1. From a PR perspective, I definitely love it when a reporter runs quotes by me. It is an opportunity that I treasure, but to be realistic, I think that a reporter is not in the obligation to do that and should not be expected to do it either. We should all do our job well. PR pros should prepare their client well on messaging to reduce the likelihood of being misquoted and should also train them to be able to deal with difficult reporters. Also, give them backgrounders on the reporters’ interview styles so situations can be anticipated and well-handled. Reporters, on the other hand, should keep things true to the facts and state quotes as they were told.

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