Friday’s 10 Links du Jour


It’s Friday and almost time for the weekend. Here are some of this week’s best links for communicators! Enjoy and happy weekend!

  1. Press Outreach Skills Still Considered Most Important

  2. “Don’t worry so much!” Great advice from these Power Women CEOs

  3. 7 ways to write a compelling headline

  4. Is Social Media Advertising or PR?

  5. 15 Industry Conferences for Fashion Publicists and Marketing Professionals

  6. Questions All PR People Must Be Asking

  7. What Would Happen To The Media If Facebook Collapsed?

  8. 7 traits of a solid PR professional

  9. Five Tips on Public Speaking

  10. How do you plan to stay relevant & employed in communications throughout your career?


Please feel free to add some of the best articles, posts, tweets, etc that you came across this week!

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